Android 12 Features Leaked; Better Privacy, Animation Features Tipped


Google has been working on the next Android update for a while now. Google rolled out the Android 12 developer preview nearly two months before and the next preview is expected to drop any time now. But even before that, here’s the extensive hands-on leak and everything you need to know about the next Android update.

Android 12 Features Leaked: What To Expect

Android 12 Update: Everything You Need To Know

A report by XDA Developers has thrown light on the new Android 12 features and what to expect from it. To note, the features discussed here are of the latest version, much more recent than the Developer Preview 2.X release. However, the update is still unstable and has a couple of broken features.

One of the first new features of the Android 12 update is improved scrolling screenshots. The update allows users to explore an expanded view of the page they wish to capture and asks them to manually select the area that they wish to take a screenshot of. The update is currently part of the Magnifier View, allowing users to expand and view a full page with just a screenshot.

Android 12 Features Leaked: What To Expect

Additionally, Google is bringing in an update to the App Pairs feature on Android 12. The alleged App Pairs feature allows users to swap the position of each app by double-tapping in the center. The feature could be quite similar to the Split Screen button, but with a couple of enhanced upgrades.

Android 12 Features Leaked

Apart from these two major developments, the report has listed out a couple more. The Android 12 update will allow users to hold the power button to call Google Assistant. While there are several ways to activate Google Assistant, the update is bringing in another way to do it!

Android 12 Features Leaked: What To Expect

Additional features include a search bar in the widget picker, a set of new emojis, a better and easier setting for Device Controls, Cards, and passes, and more. More importantly, the Android 12 update is also introducing new Wi-Fi and internet changes with extended compatibility. Google is also making several animation updates for charging, app drawer, and more on the Android 12 update.

Android 12 Gets Privacy Push

And lastly, Google is also rolling out several privacy updates on the Android 12 update. Looking back, Google began the push for privacy with the Android 10, when it rolled out the option to block clipboard access in the background. This feature meant that apps could no longer read the contents of the clipboard if they aren’t in the foreground.

Android 12 Features Leaked: What To Expect

Now, the Android 12 update is bringing a new feature that reads ‘show clipboard access’. The option can be found under Settings > Privacy. When toggled on, users will find a message when any app reads the clipboard. This might sound like a small and minor change. However, it gives more power to the user by alerting them when an app is accessing your clipboard.

It might take a few more months for the complete Android 12 update to rollout, even for the public beta. The features listed above currently require several updates and bug fixes, which are currently under development.

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