Chrome Beta is using biometrics on iOS to keep your incognito tabs private

Google Chrome Beta AppsSource: Derrek Lee / Android Central

Google has been hard at work trying to make its Chrome browser safer and more secure. Chrome 88 was recently released on all platforms, including the best Android phones, and came with a number of privacy enhancements that make it easier for users to manage their passwords and perform security checks. And while Google has been notably absent from any stable updates of its iOS apps, the platform is still seeing some love on the beta front with a new update bringing some useful biometric features.

The latest update to the Chrome 89 beta on iOS gives users the ability to use their iPhone biometrics to lock their incognito tabs. This way, if you navigate away from the tab and come back to it, it will be blurred out until you confirm your identity using Face ID or Touch ID.

It’s a clever way to make sure your incognito tabs stay private. While these tabs may be safe from your browsing history, they’re still vulnerable to the prying eyes of whoever might be around.

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As noted by 9to5Google, the feature doesn’t appear to be widely available on the beta channel and could be a server-side update rolling out to users. There’s also no indication yet that this feature is rolling out on Android phones, but that could change in future releases.

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