Get in on the Bernie Sanders sitting meme thanks to Google Maps Street View

Bernie Sanders is the ultimate meme of the presidential inauguration, in a hilarious moment that took the spotlight away from our new president and vice president. Thanks to Bernie Sanders being Bernie Sanders, and the camera work of photographer Brendan Smialowski, Sen. Sanders is blowing up the internet right now.

The Vermont senator was caught sitting alone in a chair at the presidential inauguration, looking quite comfortable yet quite grumpy. The seemingly antisocial moment is being memed all over the internet, and now someone has created a website where you, too, can place Bernie where in the world, using the power of Google Maps Street View.

The website is very simple and barebones. You simply just type in an address and location, and after a few moments, the website will generate a photo of Bernie Sanders in that spot! The results are absolutely hilarious.

Sanders even took a moment to defend himself yesterday, saying “In Vermont, we know something about the cold, and we’re not so concerned about good fashion. We want to keep warm, and what’s what I did today.” Of course, if you’re as well-traveled as a sitting Bernie Sanders, you’ll want to get your mittens on some of the best travel accessories.

It’s definitely saying something when Bernie’s mittens are the most talked-about thing to happen at a presidential event.

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