Google Calendar now has Tasks integration on mobile

Google Tasks 2020 LifestyleSource: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

Google will now let you create and view tasks in the Calendar app. The company already allowed Google Tasks integration in the Calendar web-app, but now it’s coming to mobile as well.

Creating a task is at easy as creating a regular event, and you’ll even be pick which account or Task list your new task will be linked to.

Tasks Cal

Source: Google

For all intents and purposes, this Tasks integration is as good as the regular Tasks app. If you’re not a heavy Tasks user, you may not use even need to use that app anymore (although I hope that’s not where Google’s headed.)

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A tasks app and a calendar scheduling app would always work together. Microsoft does it with Outlook and To-Do, Apple used to do with Reminders and Calendar, but the company moved away in recent times. On Android, however, Google Tasks is one of the best Android apps for making to-do lists, but it isn’t the best one. If the integration isn’t what you’re looking for, you’ll always be spoilt for choice.

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