SpaceX successfully landed a Starship prototype for the first time

SpaceX launched a high-altitude Starship prototype rocket and successfully landed it for the first time on Wednesday, overcoming a key technical challenge in Elon Musk’s whirlwind test campaign to build a fully reusable Mars rocket. Musk has said the SN15 rocket contained “hundreds of design improvements” over past high-altitude prototypes, which were all destroyed during explosive landing attempts.

Starship SN15 lifted off at 6:24PM ET from SpaceX’s Boca Chica, Texas facilities, flying about 6.2 miles in the sky to test a number of in-flight maneuvers. As it neared peak altitude, SN15’s three Raptor engines gradually shut down to begin a horizontal free-fall back toward the ground before reigniting two of its engines to prepare for a slow vertical touchdown.

The rocket deployed a set of tiny legs and landed firmly on a pad not far from its launchpad, becoming the first Starship prototype to survive its high-altitude flight.

“Starship landing nominal!” Musk tweeted about seven minutes after SN15’s touchdown.

SpaceX’s Starship system is designed as a fully-reusable rocket system made for sending humans and up to 100 tons of cargo to the Moon and Mars. The 16-story-tall high-altitude prototypes like SN15 represent just the top half of Starship. The bottom half will be a towering “super-heavy” booster that will help launch Starship’s top half off Earth before returning back to land.


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