Very Very Valet, The Couch Co-Op Car-Parker, Gets Physical On Switch This May

That’s a great idea – I’d love to park.

If you like a little co-operative couch play as much as we do (get your minds out of the gutter, people — we’re talking about the fine selection of couch co-op games on Switch, of course), then you may well already have your eye on Very Very Valet, a chaotic multiplayer game pitched as Overcooked but with car-parking instead of cooking.

Nighthawk Interactive and developer Toyful Games have revealed a physical version of the game in the new trailer above, and it’s going to be hitting store shelves on 29th May — it’s up for pre-order right now at all the big US retailers. Check out the video above for an idea of what to expect gameplay-wise, as well as lovely bit of puppetry with Prim, one of the game’s valets in physical, Muppet-style form. Hey, when it comes to puppets, we’re all for them!

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