You’ll be able to order the OnePlus 9 easier thanks to the new OnePlus Store app

OnePlus Store App On Galaxy S21 UltraSource: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

While the hype train continues chugging along for the OnePlus 9 ahead of its official event next week, OnePlus is hoping to make your pre-order experience easier this time around. In previous years, if you wanted to pre-order one of the best Android phones, you would be limited to only using the company’s website. This is not always the greatest experience for some, especially when it comes to attempting to survive the initial onslaught of many like-minded people attempting to pre-order the same devices.

Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that frustration any longer, as the OnePlus Store app is now available in North America. The app is a free download from the Play Store, and allows you to sign into your OnePlus account where you can view any coupons, previous orders, and access your unique code for the company’s Referral Program.

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In addition to spending your hard-earned dollars on various OnePlus products, there are two dedicated areas to provide a bit more information if you need it. The first of which reads like a blog post page, whereas you’ll see the announcements of devices like the OnePlus Nord N10 5G, OnePlus 8T, and older product launches. The other tab is for Support, where you are able to access different sections for troubleshooting problems, using OnePlus Switch, checking out repair pricing, and much more.

While perusing the app, sometimes you will be taken to the OnePlus website with the Store app acting as a web-wrapper for specific landing pages. This includes the OnePlus 9 product launch page, as there’s a scrolling option across the top of the page to “Explore”, only to be taken to the OnePlus website.

Thanks to a OnePlus Forum post pointed out by XDA Developers, OnePlus is also gearing up to launch a new rewards program dubbed “OnePlus Club”. This area can be found when signing in with your OnePlus account, and tapping on My Benefits.

Nevertheless, you’ll be able to avoid the OnePlus website entirely on March 22nd and can place your OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro pre-orders right from the app. Just make sure that you sign into the right account and double-check your shipping and payment information ahead of time.

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